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U.S. consumer confidence hit a five-year high but is still off pre-crisis levels. Consumer confidence is typically backward-looking and has often been a contrary indicator for subsequent stock market returns.

This plateauing of bond yields appears to have sparked some housing activity, as January housing starts were better than expected despite a big upward revision to December. Importantly,...

Weekly Market Update

It was a strong week for U.S. equities with the Nasdaq, Dow Jones and S&P 500 all experiencing gains and the latter two breaking records. Oil prices dipped and gold was slightly up. The 10-...

Latest Market Outlook

  • A surprise outcome in the U.S. elections ushered in a new path forward, and markets worldwide celebrated the promise of pro-growth economic policies with rising asset prices and rising...

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Investors are inundated with confusing information on investment markets. Voya Global Perspectives cuts through this information overload with clear, thematic, and actionable insights. To help investors avoid getting caught in the “Folly of Gaming Diversification”, we offer an investment strategy that implements “Effective Diversification”. 

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