Welcome Cuba to the U.S.

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“U.S. Will Restore Full Relations With Cuba, Erasing Last Trace of Cold War Hostility,” headlines today’s New York Times. Well, it’s about time! President Obama rightly pointed out other countries with which we formerly had issues, such as Vietnam and China, and we now have normalized relations. Why not Cuba too? They are practically our next door neighbors. In fact, a friend from Cuba who now lives in the good ole U.S.A graduated from the Air Force Academy and just returned from flying missions over Afghanistan to defend our country. Protectionist politicians will find themselves on the wrong side of history in this matter. Conventional wisdom would expect the Republicans to favor free and open trade and to welcome normalization of relations with Cuba in their new position of control over Congress. On the other hand, Marco Rubio, Republican Senator from Florida, expressed an outdated view on the why the U.S. should continue the Cuban Trade Embargo. Perhaps influencing his opinion, it appears the Florida sugar lobby is not happy about the prospect of cheap Cuban sugar cane reaching our shores, a potential threat to its monopoly. Please see Global Perspectives view on Global Trade in our 2015 Forecast: Sustainable Global Expansion Driven by Tectonic Shifts.

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