Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

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Planning for retirement can be daunting. A 2017 Merrill Lynch survey estimates retirees will need an average of 738k to fund retirement. Studies by Fidelity have shown that and average 65-year old couple can expect to spend an average of 250k in retirement on soaring health care costs, not including nursing home care. As if these statistics aren’t sobering enough, approximately 65 million Americans – one in five children and adults – will experience a special need or disability during their lifetime, exacerbating uncertainty and requiring additional considerations, planning and saving. Last week marks the 47th week of positive flows into U.S. investment grade bonds. Bonds are the anchor of any portfolio, typically offering risk control, diversification and steady income. But in this continued low interest rate environment, equities may be needed to help provide your portfolio with growth boost to cushion against future uncertainty. Good old-fashioned diversification across bonds and stocks can help build wealth while mitigating risk.

To see an example of a diversified portfolio, please look at slide 5 of the Global Perspectives Book.

Read more about planning for those with special needs, visit Voya Cares, a website designed to help with the complex financial needs of the special needs community.

In addition, please see our Tumblr Page raising funds for the Special Olympics.

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