The Risk of Missing Out of Rising Markets

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Bearish investors can’t catch a break. The latest is President Trump’s declaration of a national economic emergency that bans “foreign adversaries” of technology firms that pose “unacceptable risks” to national security. What happens? Yes, the market soars — again. What is to worry about? S&P 500 corporate earnings continue to surprise on the upside with big box retailers leading the way; the Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing index rebounded today to a four-month high of 16.6; and Eurozone GDP stabilized at a 1.2% annual rate. Meanwhile, inflation readings are lower, sending mortgage rates to two-month lows.

We said before, don’t “Washington proof” your portfolio — focus instead on the fundamentals. Overly risk conscious investors are missing out on rising markets. Stick to the plan and follow the fundamentals.

Please see Voya Global Perspectives page 6 “Advancing Earnings Drive the Market.”

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