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May 2011

It was downright heretical when we pointed out in a May 24, 2010 article titled "Much Ado About the Euro" that not only were we in the midst of a "synchronized global expansion", but the bond market was pricing risk so astonishingly low that it appeared to be dismissing any notion that a crisis existed at all. What a difference a year makes!

May 2011

In this month's issue, ING Chief Market Strategist Douglas Coté, CFA lists the reasons why Wall Street may be missing the bull curve: an “absolute blowout” for 1Q earnings, a tech boom, a comeback in manufacturing, all-time high consumer spending levels, blistering M&A pace, trade nearing an all-time high, etc. Download the PDF for more bullish indicators.

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April 2011

An article by Chief Market Strategist Douglas Coté, CFA was featured in the April 4 issue of Investment News. Download the full article below.

April 2011

In this month's issue, ING Chief Market Strategist Douglas Coté, CFA provides reasons why the global markets have catapulted higher in the face of major world crises and continued economic concerns. Arm yourself with some salient bullish points below.

March 2011

In this month's issue, ING Senior Market Strategist Douglas Coté explains the ABCs of the current market: Accelerating corporate earnings + Boom-level manufacturing + Consumer confidence = a powerfully accelerating economy driven by market fundamentals.

February 2011

The overwhelmingly positive fundamentals that ING Senior Market Strategist Douglas Coté trumpeted throughout 2010 are bearing fruit in 2011’s equity markets, with the best January in 14 years. Find out what coming months may hold below.

November 2010

We pointed out last month that the September surprise in equity returns was a signal to get aboard the “express elevator”— that is, it’s time for sidelined investors to get back into the equity markets. Despite an October that extended September’s dramatic surge and swept year-to-date returns to near double digits, pessimism continues to abound. Driven by strong corporate earnings and expanding global demand, the turn in the market was swift and dramatic and left many investors who missed their chance at the rally hoping for a pullback to create an attractive entry point.


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