Investors Prep for the Wild Week Ahead

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As a relatively quiet week of limited economic data comes to a close, investors prep for next week’s FOMC meeting and the flurry of economic data to be released. Key economic indicators such as U.S. GDP, PCE, Consumer Spending and Consumer Confidence, among others, are set to be released and establish the tone for the U.S. economy moving into the summer months. Looking back, we started the year with investors shunning high yield bonds, emerging markets and global REITs. After all, the Fed was on the path to higher rates, right? However, as of today High Yield Bonds are up 6.6 percent YTD, Emerging Markets are up 8.0 percent and Global REITS – which have historically performed well after pullbacks due to rising rate fears – are up 4.3 percent (index total returns 12/31/2015-4/21/2016). Investors who maintained a globally diversified portfolio are being rewarded for their discipline. Please review the Voya Global Perspectives™ April Market Update for a deeper look at Yellen’s dovish approach and its implications on markets.

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