Investment Management
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Solutions for Financial Professionals

Mutual Funds

Choose from a full spectrum of investment options: core funds for broadly diversified portfolios as well as specialty funds to complement existing strategies. Across managers, styles and asset classes, ING Funds give you access to world-class investment resources.
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Retirement Portfolios

ING Investment Management offers a variety of retirement investment solutions – including target date, target risk, fundamental equity, fixed income and real estate – all available in the investment vehicles preferred by retirement programs.
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Closed-end Funds

 Offering the professional management of mutual funds in a potentially more flexible and performance-driven form, ING closed-end funds are designed to provide a targeted approach to key sectors and strategies.
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Separately Managed Accounts:

Managed accounts are increasingly popular as more investors recognize their appeal: the advantage of professional investment management in portfolios tailored to the needs and objectives of both institutions and high net worth investors. We offer a wide array of domestic and global managed account offerings that span the capitalization and style spectrums.
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